Stephanie Onel

Stephanie Onel jewelry contains a strength and passion which is driven by a love for ancient cultures, art history and  classic design. Her reinterpretation of ancient adornment is harmonious with a contemporary aesthetic illuminated by sterling silver, semi-precious and precious stones. Her inspiration is also found in the organic world revealed through texture, patterns and unexpected gifts that we see in the smallest of nature’s details.
    Stephanie studied art history and fine art before traveling and living in Europe, Istanbul and the Middle East.  These experiences took root and percolated within her for many years while her life led her in diverse directions. In 2004, she moved to Asheville, North Carolina where her creative life reemerged as a metalsmith/jewelry designer.  She pursued training in the studio of an acclaimed jewelry artisan and continues to learn and grow in her craft while finding fulfillment and excitement on the journey.